Schedule & Results, 2019 DMHA Local League Tournament, 2019-2020 (Dorchester Minor Hockey Association)

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Friday, November 22, 2019
AtomA18:30 AMCANUSA Ingersoll LL1 0-5Dorchester LL1 Dragons
PeeweeA29:00 AMAPC Lambeth LL1 1-1Dorchester LL1 Dragons
AtomB39:30 AMCANUSA Mt. Brydges LL3 3-3Dorchester LL2 Dragons
PeeweeB410:00 AMAPC West London Hawks0-5Dorchester LL3 Dragons
BantamA510:30 AMCANUSA London Bandits3-4Dorchester LL1 Dragons
BantamB611:00 AMAPC Oakridge Areos0-1Dorchester LL2 Dragons
MidgetA711:30 AMCANUSA Ayr LL1 4-1Dorchester LL1 Dragons
MidgetB812:00 PMAPC Mt. Brydges Blue 1-3Dorchester LL2 Dragons
AtomA912:30 PMCANUSA Aylmer Black 2-2Paris LL2
MidgetA101:00 PMAPC Cayuga LL1 2-2Woolwich LL2
BantamA111:30 PMCANUSA Thorold Blackhawks1-1Port Stanley Black
BantamB122:00 PMAPC Delhi Rockets2-4Oro LL1
PeeweeB132:30 PMCANUSA Burford LL2 2-4Durham Blue
PeeweeA143:00 PMAPC Barrie 0-9Walkerton Capitals
AtomB153:30 PMCANUSA Woolwich LL1 5-0Saugeen Shores LL1
MidgetB164:00 PMAPC Woolwich LL1 2-2Penetaguishene Flames
AtomA174:30 PMCANUSA Dorchester LL1 Dragons2-5Aylmer Black
AtomA185:00 PMAPC Paris LL2 3-3Ingersoll LL1
MidgetA195:30 PMCANUSA Ayr LL1 1-1Cayuga LL1
MidgetA206:00 PMAPC Dorchester LL1 Dragons0-2Woolwich LL2
BantamB216:30 PMCANUSA Delhi Rockets2-5Oakridge Areos
PeeweeB227:00 PMAPC Dorchester LL3 Dragons5-2Burford LL2
BantamB237:30 PMCANUSA Dorchester LL2 Dragons4-0Oro LL1
BantamA248:00 PMAPC Dorchester LL1 Dragons4-0Thorold Blackhawks
MidgetB258:30 PMCANUSA Woolwich LL1 2-2Mt. Brydges Blue
BantamA269:00 PMAPC Port Stanley Black 3-4London Bandits
Saturday, November 23, 2019
AtomB279:00 AMAPC Dorchester LL2 Dragons3-5Woolwich LL1
PeeweeA289:30 AMCANUSA Barrie 2-8Lambeth LL1
AtomB2910:00 AMAPC Saugeen Shores LL1 0-9Mt. Brydges LL3
PeeweeA3010:30 AMCANUSA Walkerton Capitals2-2Dorchester LL1 Dragons
PeeweeB3111:00 AMAPC Durham Blue 3-2West London Hawks
MidgetB3211:30 AMCANUSA Penetaguishene Flames1-5Dorchester LL2 Dragons
AtomA3312:00 PMAPC Paris LL2 2-3Dorchester LL1 Dragons
BantamB3412:30 PMCANUSA Oakridge Areos3-2Oro LL1
BantamB351:00 PMAPC Delhi Rockets0-1Dorchester LL2 Dragons
BantamA361:30 PMCANUSA Thorold Blackhawks2-2London Bandits
MidgetA372:00 PMAPC Woolwich LL2 0-2Ayr LL1
AtomA382:30 PMCANUSA Ingersoll LL1 1-4Aylmer Black
BantamA393:00 PMAPC Port Stanley Black 2-0Dorchester LL1 Dragons
AtomB403:30 PMCANUSA Mt. Brydges LL3 4-4Woolwich LL1
MidgetA414:00 PMAPC Cayuga LL1 1-4Dorchester LL1 Dragons
PeeweeB424:30 PMCANUSA Durham Blue 2-3Dorchester LL3 Dragons
PeeweeA435:00 PMAPC Barrie 0-6Dorchester LL1 Dragons
PeeweeB445:30 PMCANUSA West London Hawks2-3Burford LL2
MidgetB456:00 PMAPC Penetaguishene Flames4-2Mt. Brydges Blue
AtomB466:30 PMCANUSA Saugeen Shores LL1 3-10Dorchester LL2 Dragons
MidgetB477:00 PMAPC Woolwich LL1 1-1Dorchester LL2 Dragons
PeeweeA487:30 PMCANUSA Walkerton Capitals3-1Lambeth LL1
Sunday, November 24, 2019
AtomSF498:00 AMAPC Mt. Brydges LL3 5-1Aylmer Black
AtomSF508:30 AMCANUSA Dorchester LL1 Dragons3-2Woolwich LL1
PeeweeSF519:00 AMAPC Durham Blue 1-3Walkerton Capitals
PeeweeSF529:30 AMCANUSA Dorchester LL1 Dragons0-2Dorchester LL3 Dragons
BantamSF5310:00 AMAPC Oakridge Areos1-2Dorchester LL1 Dragons
BantamSF5410:30 AMCANUSA London Bandits2-7Dorchester LL2 Dragons
MidgetSF5511:00 AMAPC Woolwich LL1 0-1Ayr LL1
MidgetSF5611:30 AMCANUSA Woolwich LL2 0-2Dorchester LL2 Dragons
AtomFinal5712:00 PMAPC Winner Game 50Winner Game 49
PeeweeFina581:30 PMAPC Winner Game 52Winner Game 51
BantamFina593:00 PMAPC Winner Game 54Winner Game 53
MidgetFina604:30 PMAPC Winner Game 56Winner Game 55
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