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Dear Volunteers,


First I want to thank you for committing your time to such a worthwhile organization.  Children and parents alike benefit from Dorchester Minor Hockey, and so does our community. The formula for a successful organization like DMHA lies in its volunteers.  Volunteering provides opportunities for personal achievement, allows you to make new discoveries about yourselves and others around you.  It enables you to form social bonds with a diverse cross section of our society, which in turn strengthens our community.  Volunteering is hard work, it takes time and commitment, but I can guarantee that it will leave you feeling energized and excited about what you have accomplished.  If you put your heart into it, you will have a lot of fun and when completed, you will feel much better than you did when you started!  Mostly, you will be part of something that is bigger than yourself.  This is the true value of volunteering.


Parents are responsible to volunteer 4 hours (1 bond) per child or 8 hours (2 bonds) for 2 or more children.  

Below, you will see a live link to a spreadsheet of current bond positions available.  

As events are planned and volunteers are needed the spreadsheet will be updated so please check back periodically!

This sheet will not track other bond positions like Team Manager, Coach, Assistant Coach, Trainer, etc.  

Your Team Manager will track this and report it on their own spreadsheet. Bench staff roles (head coach, assistant coach (x2), trainer and manager fulfill the full family bond)


As your event date approaches, the organizer of that event will contact you via email to confirm your sign-up.  Please do not sign up for more bond positions than you need to work. 


Please note that sign-up is on a first come first serve basis.  Please do not delete, type over or remove anyone else’s information.  The spreadsheet does track changes made to any cells.  Anyone found to be violating this process will forgo their bond opportunity.  We are attempting to create open visibility as far in advance as possible for our members to sign-up for bond positions.  Please help us to make this possible by following the steps outlined below.  


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Instructions for volunteer positions:  
1.       Click on the link below to access the Bond Sheet.
2.       Fill in all of the contact information requested.
3.       Closer to the event date, the event coordinator will email you letting you know any additional details for the event.
4.       Complete the event and let your team manager know via email that you have completed the work.
5.       You will receive another email confirming that your volunteer hours have been logged.

Link to Bond Sheet

Should you have any questions regarding bond signup or tracking please contact Sean Box at