Reorganization FAQs (Dorchester Minor Hockey Association)

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REORGANIZATION FAQs (last updated March 25, 2024)

What is the difference between amalgamation and reorganization?
The OMHA defines amalgamation as the joining of two or more Centres/Associations to become one Centre/Association (pg. 84, OMHA 2023-2024 Manual of Operations).  An amalgamation would require the joining of all aspects of the involved Centres/Associations.

OMHA considers any hybrid amalgamation configurations to be reorganizations.  DMHA is currently focused on reorganization. The current desired format would see DMHA join with another centre(s) to become one large rep centre while maintaining the local league program as it currently stands. Within a reorganization, registration numbers are increased, making it possible to consider adding second-entry teams to rep-level offerings (‘A’ single-age teams, plus second-entry rep ‘C’ dual-age teams).  All local league programming would remain the same within Dorchester Minor Hockey with the possibility of considering a select team at each age group.

Why reorganize?

Reorganization means:

·       preserving the hometown hockey experience at the local league level, while strengthening the competitiveness of our rep 
   level teams for those who wish to play at that level.

·       players will play at a level that is appropriate to their level of skill and capabilities.

·       increased ability for organization to host specialized development clinics (e.g.: goalie clinics, power skating, skills and     

·       increase the depth of our coaches/bench staff to provide rep level players with the best coaching and     
   development opportunities

·       most importantly - children enjoying playing hockey with peers while learning and developing at an appropriate level.

·       increased ice availability across multiple facilities to allow for additional practice times for both rep and local league teams

Key reasons for reorganization:

Strengthening Our Hockey Community:

By coming together with other local association(s), we will create a larger, more strengthened hockey community in our area. A reorganization would allow us to pool our resources at the rep level, both in terms of infrastructure and expertise.  

Enhanced Development Opportunities:

A larger rep-level organization means more coaches, trainers, and support staff. This enables us to provide a higher level of coaching and development programs, ensuring that all our players can access the best resources to help them reach their full potential. Also, by joining associations, there will be an increase in options and ice times for all teams, both local league and rep-level.

Increased Competition:

Reorganization with other association(s) will lead to stronger, more competitive rep-level teams. This will not only benefit our players but also enhance the reputation of our community as a hockey hub, attracting talent from neighbouring areas. It will also allow players to play at a level suitable for them, which will ensure better development and teamwork, while still being able to compete with other centres. DMHA would also explore the opportunity to host Select Level teams within our Local League Program.

Streamlined Administration:

Finding volunteers has always been an issue within our association. Creating a single, unified rep-level association will streamline administrative processes, reducing bureaucracy and making it easier for members to participate in hockey activities.

Community Engagement:

We can envision our reorganized association becoming a central hub for hockey in our community; hosting events, fundraisers, and initiatives that engage and benefit all community members. This will help all the communities by bringing in additional tourism and increasing the needs of our small local businesses.

How does reorganization happen?
Each involved centre would host an information night for their own membership. At this information night, a detailed outline of reorganization would be shared, and members can ask questions. A few weeks after the information night, a Reorganization Voting Meeting would be held. Members must be at this meeting to vote. Each involved centre would need a majority vote of two-thirds or greater in favor, from their respective members who attend the vote meeting, to proceed with the reorganization.

If the vote is in favor to reorganize, when does it start?
We would aim to be officially reorganized at the rep-level for the start of the 2025-2026 season, pending OMHA approval. This would include rep coach selection (early 2025) and rep tryouts (May 2025).

If the vote is not in favor, then what happens?
If any centre obtains less than the required two-thirds votes in favor, the opportunity to restart or continue reorganization discussions is lost for a minimum of 2 years (per OMHA regulations).

Who can vote?

One vote is allowed per registered OMHA family unit, including NRP, ATM and 3.5 players, for their home centre with the same address as their player(s). In the case of a split family, only the guardian at the registered address of the player can vote. You must have a player rostered to an OMHA team in the 2023-2024 season to vote.

What could the Reorganized Rep Centre look like?
·       12 teams: 8 A (single birth year) and 4 C/ Second Entry (double birth year) – U10 and Up
·       Up to the maximum limit skaters and goalies per team that OMHA allows, final team sizes will be determined through the tryout process
·       Play out of all arenas. Which team will play where will be determined based on the needs of all centres and how many      teams and ice times will be needed
·       A new association centre-point would be created to establish the residential area for the amalgamated rep centre
·       Registration fees for the rep-level players would fund the new organization and teams would be responsible for their         own fundraising

If the reorganization is approved, where will my rep child be playing?
The reorganized Minor Hockey Association would work towards a fair and balanced ice allocation for rep-level teams amongst the centres, so that all communities share in being able to host rep team games and practices. The specific assignment of ice time for rep teams will depend upon ice scheduling availability.

What could the Local League Centres look like?
·       U5/U6, U7, U9, U11-U18 Local League OMHA & possibly OWHA teams
·       No changes expected to any of the current DMHA local league teams.
·       The number of teams will be determined by registration
·       Same number of games currently scheduled
·       Play out of home arenas; ice time will be determined later based on ice availability
·       DMHA may look to host Select Teams within Local League programming to further player development with support from our reorganization partners

If the reorganization is approved, where will my Local League child be playing?
One of the primary goals of a reorganization is to maintain the same high quality local league experience for our community based recreational teams. This means that the local league teams continue to play out of their community arenas as part of their traditional local league teams. Dorchester Minor Hockey Local League programming would remain in Dorchester.

How and when will second entry teams be formed?

We would expect to hold tryouts for second entry teams in the fall, following the same process as used for first entry teams. 

What teams will second entry teams play?
This is yet to be determined based on the league structure.

Will Local League players be eligible to be an Affiliated Player "AP" to the Reorganized Rep team?

Yes, players from local league organizations will be eligible for AP opportunities.

What if I am in a right-of-choice area according to the new rep centre centre-point?
Reorganization would necessitate the creation of a new rep centre centre-point. The new centre point would be determined through the reorganization process, as required by OMHA. Right-of-choice will open for any member within the designated area to re-sign or leave the new organization. Once a right-of-choice player signs onto the organization, they are considered a lifetime member.

In a reorganized centre, how will coaches be selected?

Coach selection could follow a similar process as it does now within DMHA.  The reorganized centre’s board of directors/executive committee would need to establish policies and procedures for all things, including coach selection, as required by OMHA. 

How does an Executive Board work for the reorganized centre?

The reorganized centre would create a Board which would be comprised of representatives from each centre that makes up the newly reorganized rep level organization.

When will we find out if the reorganization is approved?
Should the centres agree to reorganize, a proposal package would be compiled and presented to the OMHA for approval.  The proposed reorganization would be presented to OMHA when all the requirements are completed. The OMHA requirements for reorganization proposals include:
·       establishment of bylaws
·       establishment of policies and procedures, including coach selection policy
·       Board composition
·       Annual meeting calendar and requirements
·       Centre point location
·       Results of membership vote

Would we consider joining with BAD girls or offering female specific programming?
At this point in time, we are not working towards joint programming with the Belmont, Aylmer, Dorchester Girls Hockey Association.  Girl specific hockey programming is governed by the OWHA and DMHA, BMHA and AMHA are governed by the OMHA.  Joint programming with the BADGHA may be possible in the future.  

When will we know about offering second or third entry teams?
Additional entry teams will be determined through the registration process in spring 2025 should the reorganization be approved by OMHA.

Is reorganization possible for the 2024-2025 season if all the requirements are completed quickly?
Unfortunately, the OMHA deadline for consideration of reorganization for the 2024-2025 season was in November 2023. 

Will DMHA still accept NRPs this upcoming season? As well as after reorganization?
Dorchester Minor Hockey will continue to accept Non-Resident Players (NRPs) for the 2024-2025 season. It will be up to the Board of Executives of the reorganized centre to determine if NRPs will be accepted in the future.  NRPs can only be accepted from centres classified below B, both for 2024-2025 and in the future.

How many players with Belmont Minor Hockey or Aylmer Minor Hockey as their home centre played elsewhere on an NRP passport during the 2023-2024 season?
According to East Elgin Minor Hockey (BMHA and AMHA), 20 players were released on NRP passports during the 2023-2024 season.  

Would OMHA permit Belmont Minor Hockey and Aylmer Minor Hockey players to tryout in Dorchester without NRP passports for the 2024-2025 season?
Unfortunately this will not be permitted.

What would the composition of the Executive Board be in the reorganized centre?
While this is yet to be determined, fair and equitable representation would exist.  

Are registration fees comparable between the three associations?
Yes, the registration fees between the three associations are currently comparable.

Would participation in player development opportunities be open to any level of player within each association?
Yes, player development would continue to be a strong focus with opportunities for all levels of players.