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Motion: MOTION - Motion to repeal any and all existing by-laws or other constitutional documents of the Dorchester Minor Hockey Association, none of which are presently known to exist, and to approve as the governing by-law for the Dorchester Minor Hockey Association the by-law set out in the form attached as Schedule "A".

: OBJECTIVE - The objective of the motion is to adopt a clear and concise set of written constitutional by-laws for the continuation and ongoing operation of the Dorchester Minor Hockey Association, including particulars regarding association membership and meetings and the structure, responsibility and duties of the executive.

Rationale: RATIONALE - The executive previously requested and was granted approval to pursue incorporation of DMHA due, in part, to the lack of any constitutional or defining documents related to its creation and continued existence and to achieve certain risk management goals. After obtaining legal advice, it has been recommended that incorporation may be inordinately costly and demanding on the volunteers of the association and may create more issues due to inadvertent non-compliance issues than it may solve. It has been recommended that a more practical, efficient and cost effective way to formalize the structure of the association is to create formal constitutional by-laws and then purchase reasonable insurance coverages to protect the association members. Accordingly, a foundational by-law has been created based on OMHA's structure and on an extensive review of the by-laws of other local minor hockey associations. The proposed by-law provides clear structure to the association and its membership which does not appear to have been committed to writing or passed by the membership to date. It also defines membership and the executive roles, responsibilities and obligations. It provides procedures around membership, meetings and the election and appointment of executive members consistent with past practice. Finally, it provides a mechanism for future change, if and when necessary.

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: DMHA Executive
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