Key reasons for reorganization are: (Dorchester Minor Hockey Association)

PrintKey reasons for reorganization are:

Strengthening Our Hockey Community:

By coming together with other local association(s), we will create a larger, more strengthened hockey community in our area. A reorganization would allow us to pool our resources at the rep level, both in terms of infrastructure and expertise.  

Enhanced Development Opportunities:

A larger rep-level organization means more coaches, trainers, and support staff. This enables us to provide a higher level of coaching and development programs, ensuring that all our players can access the best resources to help them reach their full potential. Also, by joining associations, there will be an increase in options and ice times for all teams, both local league and rep-level.

Increased Competition:

Reorganization with other association(s) will lead to stronger, more competitive rep-level teams. This will not only benefit our players but also enhance the reputation of our community as a hockey hub, attracting talent from neighbouring areas. It will also allow players to play at a level suitable for them, which will ensure better development and teamwork, while still being able to compete with other centres. DMHA would also explore the opportunity to host Select Level teams within our Local League Program.

Streamlined Administration:

Finding volunteers has always been an issue within our association. Creating a single, unified rep-level association will streamline administrative processes, reducing bureaucracy and making it easier for members to participate in hockey activities.

Community Engagement:

We can envision our reorganized association becoming a central hub for hockey in our community; hosting events, fundraisers, and initiatives that engage and benefit all community members. This will help all the communities by bringing in additional tourism and increasing the needs of our small local businesses.